AI Digest

Visual explainers on AI capabilities and their effects

About AI Digest

AI is progressing rapidly. To harness its benefits and mitigate its risks, it’s essential that policymakers and the public are well-informed.

Yet it’s near impossible to keep up with the latest AI developments, and reading papers or reports isn’t a substitute for exploring actual AI interactions.

We bring you a concise digest of the most important trends in AI, presented visually, and grounded in concrete examples of what AI models can do right now — to help you plan for what’s coming next.

About us

AI Digest is created by Sage, a non-profit building tools to make sense of the future.

Collaboration: We collaborate with AI researchers and communicators to create our interactive explainers — if you'd like to work together on an explainer, we'd love to hear from you.

Speaking: We welcome invitations to present our work at workshops and events for policy audiences. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this.